Content Marketing: convince with helpful content and exceed expectations

Content Marketing as a part of the online marketing mix is not a new invention. Content Marketing is becoming increasingly important for online communication in the wind industry: it represents winning over potential new customers with useful, relevant and interesting content, offering solutions to problems and distinguishing oneself as an expert. And this throughout the decision-making process, which is ultimately meant to culminate to a conclusion and in long-term customer relations.

Sell by solving your customers’ problems

In times of increased digitisation and global networks in the wind industry, people use the option to inform themselves extensively about different providers as well as services and products online. Manufacturers and service providers who want to be included in the shortlist need to engage in this information process early on. 

It no longer suffices to have a great product or to be a determining voice in one’s own industry. You have to demonstrate presence at the right place at the right time. Whether in the Google-search or in a promising magazine. 

Content Marketing Strategy: service and solutions win over

You want to win customers over specifically with arguments instead of only advertisement slogans? With Content Marketing you can develop durable customer relations which are shaped by the service-provider mentality and service: your customers will thank you for it, by not only perceiving you as a vendor of products, but as a problem solver. That is what matters today.

From planning to the distribution: marketing content from one source

Our teams are specialised in the creation of content for the most diverse companies. Whether in regards to landing page texts, advisor contributions or videos: In collaboration with our customer, we create content which you can optimally and innovatively present. 

With specialist articles on you give interested new customers the chance to become aware of you and to let themselves be excited. Here are a few examples:

Specialist article: further operation of wind turbine systems – the starting situation in Germany
Guide: Why the optimisation of wind turbine systems is sensible
Video: What does a used wind turbine system cost?

With us, you always maintain an overview and total control over costs and success.

Good content creates trust. Use your chance now. Engage online with the decision-making process of your target group!

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