Google Marketing: make yourself discoverable by new customers on the web!

A website is like a photo brochure. Both are only of use to you, if they are viewed. New customers first have to be made aware of even the most search-engine optimised website. We support you in doing so with the means of modern Internet marketing. 

Better ranking = more turnover = more profit!

Just like in athletic training, especially one thing matters in search engine marketing: persistence. A lot of companies make the mistake of leaning back after creating the company website and think the work is done: thanks to increasingly intelligent search-engine algorithms, they can quickly drop out of the field of vision of interested target groups. Or worse, they are not even on their radar!

To gain great visibility and to maintain it long-term, different measures are needed which create a closely meshed network amongst each other. These measures should always be executed and coordinated according to plan in order to achieve the marketing goals.

This is how we support your company from the wind industry

Starting with the optimization of your website’s metadata, to the content marketing strategy as well as technical optimisation, for example regarding loading time or page design, we will support you with the entire range of Google Marketing. 

The WIV Gmbh is behind the portal, a web agency from Gelnhausen in Hessen which has been certified by Google. We have been active in the of search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords since 1999. 

For you to maintain complete cost control and flexibility at all times, we do not work with binding long-term contracts. We agree on all measures that are to be executed from month to month at a fixed hourly rate and report to you the success of the measures that have already be implemented.

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