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The wind power industry lives off of the collaboration of numerous partners with different areas of expertise and customer desires. These are active on and are actively searching for solutions for their goals and plans. Position your company on the largest international online portal and reach more than 9,500 registered users and over 25,000 visitors from around the world! The following target groups use


Operators of wind turbines and wind parks are generally project developers, associations, farmers, forest farmers, property owners, municipal utilities and energy suppliers. They use the portal to purchase new systems, to sell used wind turbines or request services.

Manufacturers and suppliers

The manufacturers’ and suppliers’ market is international. Transparency and quality are important here. We display who is offering systems, components, spare parts and services.


A lot of investors and citizens want to participate in the energy revolution. They, too, use the portal to find suitable projects. We bring investors and projects with participation options together.

Service provider

Surrounding the operation of a wind turbine there are a whole range of helpful services: for example, the operation, maintenance and service, repowering, project optimisation, financing, retrofitting, dismantling and disassembly, renaturation, an expert’s report/opinion, logistic or legal support. Service providers have a fixed place on the portal and benefit from the queries of diverse market participants. /p>