wind turbine consulting

Imagine a company that combines the reach and efficiency of a global online marketplace for wind turbines with the experience of the most established logistics companies. This is exactly what wind turbine consulting, wtc for short, is all about. We are a joint venture between and KJJ Logistik AG. You will surely ask yourself what is so special about wind turbine consulting and what advantages it offers you.

The advantages of an online marketplace

You would like to carry out your own wind energy project or investment and need good used wind turbines. Or you own or operate wind turbines for which you are looking for a solvent buyer. Of course there are conventional and apparently established ways to do this. But there is always at least one other party in the middle of them, which can change the purchase or sale price to your disadvantage. This serious disadvantage is eliminated for you thanks to the online marketplace, which brings you as buyer directly in contact with the seller and vice versa. As a seller you also benefit from a free sales service without any commission-fees.

The know-how of a logistics professional

Buying or selling new and used wind turbines is one thing. But the other thing is to carry out all other tasks related to a wind project smoothly. The logistic part is the most complex and at the same time most cost-intensive chunk that you have to lift: Filter out logistics companies, obtain quotations, coordinate the dismantling of the old plants, additionally organise the transport including all permits and insurance, and finally have the turbines rebuilt at the new location.

If you manage to do all this yourself in terms of time and planning, then you are an absolute exception. Most wind turbine buyers and investors need support and would like to be able to rely on a logistics professional who has already implemented countless such projects efficiently and worldwide for decades. And this is where the experience, the know-how and the worldwide network of logistics solutions of our team of experts comes into play for you.

Thus, wind turbine consulting is first and foremost an all-round service in which it is primarily a matter of realizing your wind energy project professionally and as efficiently as possible with all these combined strengths.