The all-round carefree package for buyers

If you are looking for good used or also for new wind turbines for your wind project, not only the search for a seller costs you a lot of time. You also need to plan and coordinate the many other things behind a plant purchase - from dismantling, through the entire logistics, to reconstruction at the new location. 

With wind turbine consulting you benefit from the following advantages

  • Plannable costs
  • Direct access to the best wind turbines 
  • Plants, dismantling, logistics, assembly - everything from a single source
  • Time and cost savings during the entire process

In addition to an experienced installation company, you also need the right logistics service provider to take care of this most complex part of a wind project. Since you want to be as economical as possible when buying used wind turbines, you also know that a purchase price that is too high and every day that passes by will cost you unnecessary money. And if you want to take care of as little as possible in all tasks - from researching plants and suppliers to the complete logistical handling of your project - you should contact wind turbine consulting.

What makes our full service so special

Our understanding of an all-round carefree package is that we will find exactly the wind turbines you are looking for based on your requirements in terms of turbine manufacturer, rated power, deadline, budget and other criteria. As the largest international wind energy marketplace, we have a worldwide pool of sales offers for wind turbines at the best price available to you.

Of course, you do not want to lose your cost-saving potential by searching for one or more suitable logistics service providers. As a specialist in logistics, we have been involved in countless wind projects all over the world for more than 20 years and have successfully completed them logistically, so we can draw on a wealth of experience as well as a widely ramified network of logistics solutions.

With wtc you cover the two essential points of your wind project completely. And even more: Are the used systems also technically in perfect working condition? Optionally, we can inspect these for you directly on site, take photos and check the technical documentation. wind turbine consulting also takes care of insurance and contract design so that you, the buyer, are on the safe side.

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