The best price for you as a seller

If you want to sell your used wind turbines or wind farm, you want to get the best price and have as little work as possible to find a reliable buyer. However, the more parties involved and intermediaries in the sale of your plant, the worse the effect on the sales price. So before you try to find a buyer for your used wind turbines on ways you can't really see through, contact wtc. Would you like to know what your plant is still worth? Then let us evaluate the sales price precisely!

Thanks to our experience from over six years as an international wind turbine marketplace, it is both possible for us to provide a realistic evaluation of the sales value of your used wind turbines and to locate verified buyers for you. During this time we have brought together many sellers and buyers from all over the world and can now access a widely ramified network of prospective buyers. Thus, wind turbine consulting is able to sell your used turbines without detours and at the best price.

Your advantages as a seller:

  • Free valuation of the sales price
  • No commission fee
  • Fast sale of your wind turbines at the highest price
  • Direct access to the global buyer market

Using a specially developed process, we compare your offer data with the purchasing profiles of our interested parties. Another advantage from which you benefit thanks to wtc: In contrast to many others, wind turbine consult does not charge any sales commission for you as a seller, operator or owner of wind turbines! If you would like to sell your used equipment in the simplest way at the highest possible sales price, then contact us now!

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