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Tilo Reimann & Philipp Schneider

Experts for repowering


Tilo Reimann

My name is Tilo Reimann. Together with my colleague Philipp Schneider, I have been responsible for project purchasing and cooperation at Energiequelle for more than 4 years.

Before joining Energiequelle, I worked independently in project acquisition and development in various German states. The knowledge I gained from my studies in business administration as well as my sales and negotiation skills were a good basis for this from the very beginning.

Our task is the identification, evaluation and acquisition of wind and solar projects of any stage. The aim is to secure a long-term development pipeline for Energiequelle through the acquisition of new projects, including old wind farms.

Our many years of experience and the conclusion of numerous transactions enable us to recognise the core issues - especially in repowering - and to focus on them. The topic of repowering is currently on the minds of many wind turbine operators and property owners.

Through our daily work and our constantly growing experience, we know which influences have to be taken into account, especially in repowering compared to greenfield projects.

Knowing and recognising these influences and then incorporating them into an evaluation and elaboration of the best possible strategy for a successful project is our strength.

We can provide you with structured assistance in deciding whether you would like to remain in the repowering project as an operator or whether you would prefer to sell. We quickly assess complex situations together with you, raise the right questions and provide answers for the best possible partnership strategy while maintaining absolute confidentiality.

Mr. Reimann: "The essential driver for a fruitful cooperation is the clear, transparent and reliable exchange of information".

Philipp Schneider

My name is Philipp Schneider and since October 2020 I have been responsible for the area of cooperations and project purchasing at Energiequelle together with my colleague Tilo Reimann.

I started working in the wind industry while I was still studying at the University of Augsburg and the Technical University of Munich. I was able to take my first steps and gain experience with a renowned and globally active project developer. After working there for a total of almost four years in the area of project acquisition, I decided to switch to Energiequelle in autumn 2020 and combine my comprehensive expert knowledge in this area with the many years of experience of my colleague Tilo Reimann.

Our goal is basically to identify, evaluate and acquire wind and solar projects of all stages in order to secure a long-term development pipeline for Energiequelle through the acquisition of new or repowerable projects, among other things. Our many years of experience and the support we have provided for numerous transaction processes enable us to recognise and identify the respective situation and the most important core issues within a very short time and to incorporate this knowledge and our experience into your projects. Repowering in particular is currently a hot topic for many operators. At Energiequelle, we like to call this complex topic project development squared, because a repowering project is often even more complicated and extensive than a "normal" wind energy project.

Whether you want to remain in the project as a potential partner or exit completely - whether it should be a share or asset deal - we at Energiequelle always adapt optimally to your wishes and needs and work out the best possible strategies for a corresponding cooperation, a sale or other constellations together with you.

Mr Schneider: "I am happy about every call, every conversation and every idea. Because the most important thing is - and this is often lost in the hectic pace of today's world: In the end, we are all human beings and want to make our contribution to the energy transition with successful projects in the field of renewables."


Tilo Reimann & Philipp SchneiderEnergiequelle GmbH