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Frank Kreimer
Hagedorn Service GmbH


    Frank Kreimer, born in 1969, is the managing director of Hagedorn Abbruchservice GmbH in Gütersloh, which was founded in 2019. This is part of the Hagedorn Group of Companies and covers, among other things, the refurbishment and maintenance of wind turbines as well as a comprehensive rotor blade service. The service portfolio also includes the dismantling of wind turbines, gutting and pollutant cleanup as well as structural analysis and dismantling concepts.

    In 2021, the Windservice Nord branch was founded in Bremen and Hagedorn Abbruchservice was renamed Hagedorn Service GmbH. In the course of this, the range of services expanded.

    From 2006 to 2008, Frank Kreimer worked as a project manager for the Hagedorn Group. For more than ten years, he then took over the technical management and the management of sales in the demolition sector there as an authorized signatory. In the years before, he worked as an estimator in road construction and civil engineering.