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Marius Janning
Enser Versicherungskontor GmbH


    My name is Marius Janning, I am an insurance expert for wind turbines at Enser Versicherungskontor (EVK). As a trained businessman for insurance and finance (IHK), I have been in the insurance business since 2009. Before joining EVK in 2018, I also completed a degree in insurance at the TH Köln. At EVK, one of the leading insurance brokers for renewable energy technologies, the coverage of wind turbines is my specialty. In addition to customer service, I am also jointly responsible for product development.

    My colleagues and I provide holistic support to operators and service providers in the field of renewable energy technologies. The joint design of insurance coverage and the associated contribution to the energy transition are our goal. Because our motto is: we live green.

    And this is what we can do for you:

    • we analyze your individual risk situation and advise you across all insurance classes
    • we provide tailored coverage for your plants and services - with our own terms and conditions and high-performance master agreements with renowned insurers
    • we support you over the entire term of the contract and approach you proactively if your contracts can be optimized
    • we support you together with our claims engineer in the event of a claim

    We currently manage around 4,500 wind turbines in Germany and 16 other countries.

    If you also need support with your insurance coverage and would like to benefit from our experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.