Fexilon Technologies Offer CAE & CFD Analysis for Wind Turbines

published on 27/04/2017

FEXILON TECHNOLOGIES offers CFD solutions on a wide range of fluid flow and thermal problems. Based on the client-requirements, we provide CFD solutions using CFD tools like ANSYS FLUENT, CFX, OpenFOAM, Star-CCM+, ACUSOLVE, GAMBIT etc. Our team of engineers have significant industrial experience over many years in a number of CFD projects, ranging from small models to very large distributed simulations.
Supersonic, transonic and subsonic flows

Incompressible & Compressible Fluid Flows

Steady-state & Transient Flows

Laminar & Turbulent Flows

Multiphase & Multi-component Flows

Multispecies models

Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT)

Radiation heat transfer

Rotating machinery

Moving mesh problems

Custom UDF Development

and more .

Source : Fexilon Technologies