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We are interested in takeovers and further operation of wind turbines with expiring EEG remuneration.

If you have entire projects that are to be sold, you are happy to come up and down.


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Date Manufacturer Model Quantity Budget Country
22/05/2022 Enercon E53/800 1 Polen
21/05/2022 Enercon E44/600 1 Italien
21/05/2022 Enercon E40/500 1 Italien
18/05/2022 Enercon E40 5.4 1
17/05/2022 Enercon E-40 1 Portugal
17/05/2022 Enercon 1 Indien
17/05/2022 Enercon V27 or v 47 1 Großbritannien und Nordirland
14/05/2022 Enercon E40/500 4 Großbritannien und Nordirland