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  • „Thanks to wind-turbine.com, we have been able to sell 15 Vestas V80 turbines relatively quickly. Our sales-price expectations were far exceeded. We recommend any operator use this service - It’s fast, efficient and has very fair terms and conditions!“

    Winfried KlatteWind farm Damme

Do you have any questions?

How widely does wind-turbine.com reach?
We reach over 25,000 buyers per month from over 190 countries. This is the world’s largest market for used wind turbines, spare parts, projects and services. With www.windturbines-marketplace.com and other partner portals you can also increase your reach.
What are the costs and conditions?
On wind-turbine.com , you can place your ad starting at a price of 0 euro. Additional rate options can be viewed in our rate model
How long do my advertisements run?
The duration of all advertisements on wind-turbine.com is unlimited. This means that your ad will be published on our portal until your wind turbines, components or accessories are sold.
What does ‘sales promotion’ mean?
We support you in the advertising process on wind-turbine.com as well as with product presentation, for example, in the form of exposés, pictures or videos – even using drones. We also make targeted contact with investors and potential buyers – both personally and with the help of our active network of reliable partners. The terms and conditions are agreed separately. They are success-oriented and based on the win-win principle.
What partners does wind-turbine.com work with?
Our selected partners are at home in all target markets, know the country and the people and can thus provide you with valuable support in terms of equipment assessment, contract design and negotiation, dismantling and logistics as well as many other areas. It doesn’t matter where the potential investor or buyer of your equipment is located. You can use this service as part of our sales promotion.
Do you also work with brokers?
Yes. The support of brokers can be helpful especially when it comes to selling your equipment outside of Germany. However, we attach great importance to reputation in the area of ​​cooperation and exclusively take on brokers in our network who specialise in certain target markets abroad and are established.
Does wind-turbine.com also support me in dismantling, recycling and logistics?
Yes. All of this work is related to the sale of your used wind turbines. We have a network of providers who would be happy to make you an offer on request. We tender your project dynamically, and you usually receive several offers which you can compare to each other. This saves you time and money and involves as little effort as possible in the sales process.