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As a company in the wind-energy sector, you are looking for new business opportunities. On the other hand, operators of wind turbines and wind parks from all over the world need the support of reliable service providers in their projects – from planning and implementation to reports and services such as maintenance and repair, logistics, dismantling, recycling and much more. More and more of your potential customers use the internet in their search to get as broad a selection as possible and save time. With your company profile on, you can take advantage of this digital sales channel to acquire many new orders. You benefit from the high visibility of our portal and position your company on the national and international market. Respond now to the needs of private and municipal operators or investors and get in direct contact with them! As a service provider or project manager you profit from numerous benefits with
  • Real demand = new business opportunities
  • More visibility – national and international
  • Professionalisation and digitisation of sales
  • Attractive rates and cost-per-lead model is the largest marketplace in the wind sector with excellent visibility for all search queries for wind energy services on the internet. Turbine and wind-farm operators contact you directly or publish their specific needs in the form of qualified inquiries and tenders on our portal. This ensures you save a lot of valuable time when acquiring new orders and business opportunities – both nationally and internationally!

And this is how it works

Only a few steps are necessary to find new business opportunities
1Step 1
You create your company profile on, fill it out in detail, enrich it with further information and, depending on the selected rate, profit from many additional features when placing an ad on our portal.
2Step 2
Operators of wind turbines or wind parks and interested parties search for service providers from the wind sector on And they publish tenders or get in direct contact with your company.
3Step 3
You react to the real needs of a prospective customer and acquire their contact data in order to submit your offer. This allows you to save time and money when acquiring new orders and business opportunities.

Partners & customers

Our clients’ and partners’ experience reports
  • „We at Vestas - as the truly global supplier of wind turbines, services and solutions - see the importance of a transparent and liquid market for used wind turbines. This gives our customers who want to repower their turbines stability and predictability in their project development. Vestas has recognized the long-term potential that lies within the repowering market and values as important market place than also enables the exchange of relevant information across different stakeholders.“

    Jens KückHead of Repowering, Vestas Central Europe
  • „The international wind community is growing constantly and looking for the concrete exchange to the products, services and solutions it has to offer. If this happens in a fast and uncomplicated manner, as well as user friendly and directly, is on the right path.“

    Annette NüssleinwindConsultant
  • „The internet will play a more important role in our sector in sales and customer acquisition. has become an important marketplace and distribution channel for our services.“

    Oliver DiezHead of IT and Wind Farm Management, THEOLIA Naturenergien GmbH
  • „Today you cannot be enough linked and visible online. The online distribution channel is becoming increasingly important. For a successful and qualified lead generation, wind is THE tool for the wind industry.“

    Josef BaurCEO, Eueco GmbH
  • „If you are searching for products or services for wind turbines, you will make a quick find on This also shows in practice, because we as a provider are found quickly.“

    Frank LagemannDirector, GreenGate AG
  • „The team of led by managing director Bernd Weidmann has opened up a completely new field in media coverage concerning wind energy. Their professional manner in preparing and carrying out of interviews is unrivaled. Furthermore, the website content and the contacts you can develop there, are precisely tailored on wind energy sector. Thanks to, a lot of things are easier to handle.“

    Peter RauschenbachGraduated Lawyer, MASLATON Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
  • „We use because we know, that international trading platforms are a great help in developing business links. Especially the second hand market for wind turbines and its various participiants from all over the world need a place, where they can get together. This constantly results in interesting business opportunities on“

    Ole BeckerProject Management, Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Do you have any questions?

Here you can find frequently asked questions or get in touch with a contact person. reaches more than 25,000 buyers and sellers from over 190 countries per month. So you benefit from our enormous reach as the world’s largest marketplace for used wind turbines, components and accessories as well as for projects and services. You get direct access to operators, investors and companies from the wind sector – both regionally and globally!
Simply register your company free of charge as part of the FREE rate on and fill out your company profile as extensively as possible. You can now get relevant inquiries through tenders or directly through your company profile. After a short quality check of the incoming inquiries by our team, we forward them to you. The contact details of the prospective customer can then be actively purchased according to the “Pay Per Lead” model. However, there is also the opportunity to aggressively position your company with a Professional company profile and achieve significantly more reach and visibility.
In addition to the free company profile under the FREE rate, we offer you the option of a Professional company profile at – with a direct link to your homepage and publication of your complete contact data. Your company is listed before free entries, and all inquiries (leads) made via your company profile are free of charge. You can also purchase leads from tenders individually. As an owner of a Professional company profile, the publication of job advertisements and press releases in our magazine is possible for you without additional costs. The price is € 29/month with a term of at least 12 months.
The highest priority in the listing is given to company profiles with the Business PLUS rate. This is followed by the Business rate profiles and then the FREE rate profiles. There are also ranks within the individual rates. Company profiles that are most elaborate and the best in terms of content benefit from a better ranking. has defined the relevant criteria and quality factors here.
Tenders originate from search queries, for example from operators or investors, and can be created free of charge on the marketplace. These search queries are submitted to a quality check and pre-qualified by our team before they are published tenders area. The contact information for the respective tender can be obtained from FREE or Business rate companies at a price fixed upon publication. Business PLUS rate companies can access contact information from tenders without additional fees.
First, you must register free of charge under the FREE rate, create your company profile and select the appropriate categories for your company. As soon as a request or tender has been placed in the tender portal, it will be forwarded by our team to a suitable service provider after a quality check. If you are interested, you can actively acquire the contact details of the prospective customer following the “Pay Per Lead” model.
Thanks to the “pay per lead model”, there is no risk on your part. You only pay for relevant inquiries or “leads” from interested parties. They are screened and qualified by our team before they are forwarded to you. The cost of the address data record from the tender is individually priced and depends on the scope of the inquiry.
A maximum of three providers can purchase a lead. This ensures that the buyer can compare different offers and that the service provider or developer has a fair chance of winning the contract.
The price per inquiry (lead) is determined by our team and depends on the evaluations and feedback of our customers. As a rule, the price is 0.1 - 0.5% of the sales or contract value.
The FREE rate is unlimited in time. The minimum term for the Professional company profile is 12 months. The Business and Business PLUS rates provide for a term of 6 or 12 months. You will find more details on the respective services and features in our rate overview
Your contact person
Bernd Weidmann+49 (0) 6051 - 97 11 16