Service company wanted for drone inspections of 33 Goldwind GW77/1500 in Jhimpir, Pakistan

Drone inspection for wind turbines


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We have recently launched the Drone inspections of our 33 wind turbines in Jhimpir, Pakistan. During the review of the inspection reports of the drone inspections of our wind turbine blades and during the inspection of the drone blades of our wind farms we have found that our wind turbine blades can do the following work: need;

Scope of work: Assessment of the Extent of oil contamination, dust removal, protective coating, application of protective tapes, testing of the conductivity of lightning rods and determination of of the necessary measures. implementation of a comprehensive plan for Cleaning, protective tape, protective coating and testing of lightning rods under Compliance with all environmental regulations and safety standards. Creation of a Post-work documentation, including a detailed Report on the measures taken and the success of the rehabilitation, repair and tasting. After careful consideration, we have decided to create a external service providers to clean up the oil spill and dust. in order to find a thorough and efficient solution to this matter. ensure.

To this end, we are looking for a potential service providers for these services. In view of your expertise and reputation in the field of the environment and relevant Services we are interested in making a quote for the following services To obtain:

·        Cleaning of all three blades of oil and dust,

·        Attachment of protective tapes to the leading edge,

·        coating of the leading edge,

·        Cleaning of lightning rods, Performing the conductivity test of the lightning rod to ensure that the
Testing meets global standards to detect lightning strikes Withstand.

Enter an estimated timetable for the start and completion of the rehabilitation works. Estimate: Provide a detailed breakdown of the costs, including air tickets, visa, accommodation, food, work, materials, Equipment and other related expenses. Specify whether during the clean-up may incur additional costs. Qualifications and Experience: Provide information about your company's experience in Implementation of similar projects and the corresponding certifications.

Add references or case studies showing successful projects aimed at eliminating oil spills. Insurance & Compliance: Enter the Company Profile and confirm that your company has a adequate insurance cover for this type of work. Affirm Make sure you comply with all local, state, and federal regulations in the context of environmental remediation. If your company participates in the If you are interested in submitting a bid for this project, please do so contact us as soon as possible.

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