WKA 50 kW Neu ab Werk

  • Manufacturer

  • Quantity

  • Location
    Pilsen, Czech Republic

  • Rated power
    50 kW

  • Tower height
    25 m

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    12 m

  • Condition

  • number of blades

  • Total weight
    2500 kg

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The EW turbine is a two-phase generator with
permanent magnets consisting of magnetic material, which is
based on neodymium, iron and boron compounds with
addition of rare elements. The production technologies of
EW turbines, which are used to achieve a high level
of magnetic saturation as well as the usability, are subject to
patent protection.
Main unit: contains the generator, the generator and the nose
cone cover. The generator is a technologically advanced unit
with 4 patented solutions. It is made of magnetic material,
special copper and aluminum alloys and stainless steel. It is
exceptionally light and small, but it provides much more
energy than other units with similar rating.
Other turbine components of high quality: SIEMENS PLC control unit of Germany,
control software of SMG Poland, bearing of NSK Japan and other elements from the
finest materials guarantee the highest performance and durability.

price unit:  149.000 € + shipping costs

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