XANT M-24 - new

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Location
    Brüssel, Belgium

  • Rated power
    95 kW

  • Tower height
    38 m

  • Rotor diameter
    24 m

  • Condition

  • number of blades

  • Total weight
    7500 kg

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Xant wind turbines are manufactured for the rural areas, where a particularly on remoteness of locations and a rough surface is created.

• Transport in containers: A turbine fit in a container, therefore low transport costs

• The possibility to build the turbine without a crane, provides cost-efficient installation in remote regions with weak infrastructure

• Who approach JEEP (just-enough-essential-parts) is essential, to ensure that the wind turbines in remote locations remain operable

The XANT wind turbines are ideal fuel efficiency if they are combined with a diesel engine or other renewable energy sources used.

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