5 x Neg Micon M100

  • Manufacturer
    NEG Micon

  • Model

  • Quantity

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  • Tower height
    23.8 m

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Five fully remanufactured Micon 108 kW wind turbines available and include a 1-year warranty. These turbines have been dismantled and are currently held at the remanufacturing facility. Delivery, construction/erection, and commissioning services are also available at an additional cost along with ongoing operation and maintenance services.

Remanufactured Features Include:

• A proprietary new controller system using the latest electronics technology
• A SCADA monitoring system
• Heaters for cold weather performance
• Upgraded safety equipment including an aluminum, corrosion-resistant ladder and safety cabling (rated to hold 10,000 lbs.)
• Improved weather coating
• Upgraded seals, bearings, lubricants, wiring
• Re-ground gears to current AGMA wind industry recognized tooth profiles
• New cabling
• New bolts
• Necessary consumables
• Relevant kits

Micon 108 System Specifications:

Rated power: 108 kW at Approx 33 mph
Type: 3 phase, 60 Hz, asynchronous
RMS's: 1200 (3 phase)

Monopole Steel Tower
Height: 74 ft. (22.9m)
Hub Height: 78 ft. (23.8m)
Color: White

3 blades, fixed pitch
Orientation: Upwind
Diameter: 62 feet (18.9 m)
Material: Fiberglass reinforced polyester
Weight: 1500 lbs.
Swept Area: 3,154 square feet (280 square meters)

UL508 listed controls enclosure
Built with readily available components
Wires and terminals numbered
Schematic provided
SCADA system
Enhanced over speed protection
Control Panel inside tower base

Component Weights:
Nacelle, Rotor, Blades: 15,700 lbs.
Tower (3 sections): 16,800 lbs

Cut-in speed: 8 mph (3.6 m/s)
Cut-off speed; 60 mph
Survival wind speed: 120 mph

Lockable Steel door
Centrifugally actuated tip brakes
Grid monitoring
Thermal protection on Generator
Vibration Sensor
Thermal protection on yaw controls
Electronic brake system

Please contact me with any questions and for pricing information. Thank you for your interest.


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