Small wind turbine ZEFIR-D21-P60-T36 (60kW)

  • Manufacturer
    Dr.Zaber GmbH

  • Model
    ZEFIR D21-P60-T36

  • Quantity

  • incl. location

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Availability
    from 11/2016

  • Location
    Nowy Sacz, Poland

  • Rated power
    60 kW

  • Annual yield
    1459975 kWh

  • Tower height
    36 m

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    21 m

  • Condition

  • number of blades

  • Total weight
    22000 kg

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Wind turbines ZEFIR-series



Single-family homes

Agricultural holdings

Businesses and industry

Private and public buildings


Two independent Notabschaltungs systems, which work with the rest energy of the wind turbine, so no additional power is required ensure the safety of ZEFIR series wind turbine. The system works without a so-called "dump" (replacement load). The emergency system will automatically underway as soon as the energy supply of the wind turbine is interrupted.

At an emergency shut-down, the first system brings the rotor blade factory in a safe position. The force of the main shaft spinning out into mechanical energy is converted and used for controlling the rotor blades, to bring these into its stop position. This is a very simple, reliable, and proven in long-term operation technique.

The second system consists of two independent disc brake calipers. Each caliper has enough torque to stop the rotor in case of emergency. The tension comes from the band springs. In normal operation, a stepper motor keeps open the brake. In this condition, the stepper motor requires a 24 V DC power supply. As soon as the power supply is interrupted, the braking system is activated automatically. Each caliper has its own microprocessor-controlled monitoring system with an electric circuit for controlling the brake pad wear.

The Notabschaltungs systems are activated in the following order by:

-Microprocessor controlled control system of the plant

-separate electrical control system for overspeed of the rotor

-independent control system generated overvoltage of the PM generator

-by pressing the stop button on the control panel or the stop command on the Internet

(from your computer, mobile phone, etc...) or disconnect the system from the network by means of

Main switch

In normal operation, the speed limit checked by the control panel and control the angle of attack of the rotor blades.

ZEFIR series wind turbines are equipped with a Flash and fire protection device by default.


The complex has the Web-based remote monitoring and control system ZEFIR SCADA, which allows a permanent access to current and historical operational parameters for the operator and the manufacturer. Remote Shutdown and the restart of the plant, in addition, the unit can be used to validate current weather data and retrieve different data for free selectable periods.

The system access from the desktop as well as from the mobile phone or Tablet PCs via the Internet is possible thanks to state of the art Web technology. The security of transmitted data is ensured by a dynamic 256Bit-Sicherheitsverschlüsselung.


ZEFIR - series wind turbines are intended primarily for power plants outside of the public power supply. Usually is a rather small volume of wind, so the plants with a large rotors at these locations equipped.

The wind turbine is ZEFIR D14-P60-T36, like all systems of the series ZEFIR, intended for the parallel operation or mains operation (with corresponding inverter).