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Our task is the development of wind energy and renewable technology in Iran, Khorasan Province. For a short period of time, we are already interested in supplying used wind turbines from trusted companies that can fully support the necessary post-purchase services and loading service in the port of Bandarabbas.


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Date Manufacturer Model Quantity Budget Country
08/04/2021 Gamesa G80/2000 1 Spanien
13/05/2020 Gamesa G80/2000 1 Deutschland
13/04/2020 Gamesa G80/2000 1 Mexiko
09/04/2020 Gamesa G80/2000 6 Philippinen
09/04/2020 Gamesa G80/2000 1 Mexiko
27/01/2020 Gamesa G80/2000 1 Deutschland
27/01/2020 Gamesa G80/2000 1 Deutschland
06/02/2019 Gamesa G80/2000 6 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

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