Proprietary / Patented made-to-order windmills for sale

  • Quantity

  • Price
    10.000 €

  • incl. location

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Availability
    from 07/2020

  • Location
    Ahmedabad, India

  • Rated power
    10 kW

  • Annual yield
    20000 kWh

  • Tower height
    15 m

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    7.5 m

  • Condition

  • Total weight
    900 kg

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Patented, non-PMG WTG for early & smooth start (without wakeup losses) even in average city-winds (3m/s). Available in 10 20 and 30 KW with any desired output voltage.

Control panel with Patented, Digital- Mechanical-speed to Electrical-torque Convertor, for constant 90-RPM generation irrespective winds and generator name-plate ratings. Auto and manual braking and Auto-changeover Switch. Our panels being independent of any auxiliary power, can be used for off-grid and Standalone usages too.

The early start and generation safely) even in the winds much-much higher than the rated ensures best-in-class CUF even in the areas not well placed on wind-map.

Proprietary Digital GSM based Data-logger and DC energy-meter for remote monitoring including instantaneous and peak VDC, Power, RPM along with list of action taken on over-speed and over-voltage.

Proprietary mechanical Tail-Yaw & transmission assembly; Hub & Nose-cone; round-pipe 15 / 20/ 30 Meter towers.

This will be matched with third-party blades.