Romania Timisoara Wind Farm RTB Project Rights 150 MW

  • Quantity

  • Price
    5.500.000 €

  • Location

  • Rated power
    150 kW

  • Condition

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Sale of rights for wind farm with permit 150 MW. - 5,500,000 euros
Purchase price including 60 ha of land.
Approved in 2014, it must be renewed the connection permit, grid approval and transformer connection, turbine model: Transelektrica then fast processing. For another model, duration up to 6 months. Currently is and does not need to be renewed: environment, building permit, road law, since the property is private property and insured.
Permits for construction possible within 5-6 months - cost about 1,000,000.
Construction costs approx. 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 EUR per MW = 180,000,000 EUR - 225,000,000 euros.
Construction time of the wind farm approx. 14 to 24 months.
Possible sales to be achieved - this depends on the turbine type and the weather conditions:
New turbines with 4.5 MW 150 - 160 pieces, 51 EUR per MW, depending on the weather up to 70 - 80 EUR per MW possible, price increase per year 15 - 20 %
Electricity sale: 50 - 80 EUR per MW
Buyer / investor buys the existing company Share-Deal, with land, project and project rights, possible permits.
If necessary, we can also provide a very good plant manufacturer who will build the wind farm for you and then look after it.
Further information according to LOI and proof of capital.

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