7x Vestas V29 - used

  • Rated power
    225 kW

  • Tower height
    30 m

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    29 m

  • Condition

  • number of blades

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For sale are 7x Vestas V29 with a rated power of 225 kW. The turbines were built in 1995/96 and are still in operation. The generator has a power of 3x 400V and 3x 690V.

The tube tower has a height of 30 m and comes in one single piece. The rotor diameter of these wind turbines is 29 meters and have a 30 meters hub height.  

Are you interested in a 1996 Vestas windturbine, type V29? Or you have a question or concerns about this turbine? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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