XANT M-21 - wind turbine

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Location
    Brüssel, Belgium

  • Rated power
    100 kW

  • Tower height
    38 m

  • Rotor diameter
    21 m

  • Condition

  • number of blades

  • Total weight
    7500 kg

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XANT turbines are designed with rural-electrification applications in mind and we have a special focus on remote/harsh areas...

• The containerized transport: one turbine fits in one container, hence a low transport cost?

• The possibility to erect without a crane allows for easy (=low cost) installation in those far-off regions with limited infrastructure.

• The JEEP (Just-Enough-Essential-Parts) approach is of the essence to make sure turbines stay operational when deployed in remote sites.

The XANT wind turbines are ideally used as fuel saving devices in combination with a diesel genset or other renewable energy sources.

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