Senvion 3.6M140 EBC

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  • Manufacturer

  • Model
    3.6M140 EBC

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Rated power
    3600 kW

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    140 m

  • number of blades

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Already its predecessor 3.4M140 eco blade control (EBC) offered in comparison to other turbines of the 3‑MW‑Klasse about 20 percent more revenue. The current increase of the nominal power to 3,600 kilowatts, increasing revenue by a further 3 percent is possible. The system is also suitable for locations of the wind classes:

IEC IIIA and IEC S based on IEC IIB. Thanks to d he new hub height of 160 m with correspondingly higher energy yield is a cost-effective operation at low wind sites possible.

-Eco blade control

-Next electrical system (NES) for future network requirements

-Extended life by 25 years

-An aeroacoustically optimized 68.5 meters sheet with a low sound power level DB(a) maximum 104.0

-Extended range for the IEC wind class S based on IEC IIB

-New hub heights up to 160 m

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