Senvion 3.4M 114

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  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Rated power
    3400 kW

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    114 m

  • number of blades

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We have the 3.4M114 on the basis of our successful 3.2M114 developed and optimized, increasing the yield by 4.5% to 3.2M114. The 3.4M114 is designed with its three hub height of 93 119 and 143 m for medium winds, for the first time a steel tower solution is offered with the 119 m tower over 100 m. And because natural barriers are dominated with 119 and 143 m hub height, achieve these yields even in difficult terrain. The 3.4M114 is one of the quietest equipment of its class.

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