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Search functions on

How do I search on

1.  Search via search field:

  • The quickest way for you to get a search result is to type your search term into the search field (e.g. „Vestas“ or „Generator), which is located above the logo. Useful search results are suggested instantly, similar to the Google search.

2. Search via search mask

  • On the homepage you can find a search mask for detailed search query. After you have performed a search you will be taken directloy to the search result list of the various marketplace areas.

How to filter the search results by specific offers?

After you have performed a search via search field or search mask, you can restrict the results by using the filters located to the left of the result list. You can filter by manufacturer, model, construction year, tower height or country for more specific results.  

I can’t find my advertisement. When is it going to be activated on

After you have placed an advertisement, in the first step it will be checked by our team for its quality. In the next step your advertisement will be activated within a few hours. You can find it inside your profile under My Details—> Ads.

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Does check the registered buyers and sellers? 

Yes. To assure the quality of our portal and to provide you the best possible benefits, we manually check every buyer and seller registering on for seriousness to the best of our knowledge and belief.

I suspect that an ad is unserious – what can i do?

Please report this ad via email to

Why can I view the contact data of a provider only after registration?

With the absolutely necessary registration and the subsequent check of buyers and sellers by our team, we assure the quality of our marketplace. This protects you in the best possible way from unserious and time consuming requests.

Why are my advertisements checked for actuality within the paid period?

The quality and relevance of the advertisements on our portal are very important for us. With regular surveys we ensure that the offers on are always up to date.

My advertisement has been deactivated after the actuality-check. How do I reactivate it?

We deactivate advertisements only if we do not receive feedback from you. However, you can reactivate it at any time. To do this, please select the deactivated advertisement under —> My Details —> Ads in your profile, marked with the status „archive“. Please click on this status and choose the option „Reactivate advertisement“. After you clicked on Save, your advertisement is reactivated.

Why are the email adresses from buyers and sellers not displayed?

For reasons of security and data protection, we hide the email adresses of buyers and sellers at the communication on our platform. In this way we protect you from phishing scams or other unserious activities. If you would like to get into contact with a buyer or seller, please use the contact form or (if provided) the phone number.

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How do I register as a commercial user?

You can register as a commercial user by choosing one of your three available rate models – Free, Business oder Business Plus. Depending on your choice, you have various options to create new business opportunities.

What does an advertisement cost?

On you can advertise for free and you can place an unlimited amount of advertisements. If you choose the the fee-based rate Business Plus, you will gain access to all contact data of buyers and prospective customers, as well as to seperate tenders placed online by us.

What payment options are available?

You can pay with PayPal, credit card or direct debit (applies to the rates Business, Business Plus und acquired Leads or contact data of buyers).

How does the purchase of an inquiry – the "Pay Per Lead-Model" – exactly work?

Incoming inquiries for your advertisements are pre-qualified by our team and subsequently forwarded to you. In you have chosen the rate „Free“ you acquire the address data record for an individually determined price. This allows you to pick only the contact data which is relevant for you.

What terms are available?

The minimum term is 1 month. All rates can be cancelled without specification of reasons on a monthly base. If you choose a term of 6 or 12 months, we offer you corresponding price discounts.

Can I switch within the rates?

Yes, you can change the rates at any time. If you upgrade to the next higher rate, the amount you have already paid will be taken into account and shown transparently.

Does offer wind turbines, components oder services by themselves?

No. is only providing an online marketplace as a platform for buyers and sellers. 

Purchase and sales process ↑[back to top]

I would like to buy a wind turbine or a component. How do I proceed?

Simply get in touch by using either the specific contact form or the phone number, so you can discuss all further details directly with the seller. 

Who is my contractual partner in the purchase or sales process?

Your contractual partner is always the individual buyer or seller. is not involved in the in the purchase or sales process and does not charge a commission as well. 

Is paying via PayPal oder credit card safe?

Safety comes first with us. No credit card or PayPal data is stored by For the transmission of your personal data at the time of payment, we use the secure SSL encryption and also PayPal is using modern safety technologies and complex encryption methods to ensure the protection of your data and payments.

What can I do if a provider does not react on my inquiry? 

Sometimes it might happen, that your inquiry gets lost in the shuffle. Simply try again after a short time. If you still do not get any response, please contact us at Then we check the availability of the provider and try to contact him for you.

Does charge a commission for the intermediation?

No. We provide merely a platform to directly bring together supply and demand. We are funded through the rates Business and Business Plus or through advertising placements within our portal. 

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Why should I register on

  • New business opportunities!

On you not only gain access to purchase inquiries from all over the world, but also to a large number of offers and prospective customers. More than 4,500 buyers and sellers from over 200 countries are active on our online marketplace.

  • Don't miss out on offers anymore!

With your placed search requests on our portal you won't miss any interesting offer. Save your search agent and we inform you as soon as suitable offers of you have arrived.  

  • Comfortably and clearly manage your profile and offers 

On you can manage your offers at one single place and view all your profile and rate details as well as incoming inquiries at a glance.

How do I edit or delete my advertisements?

Simply log in with your email address or username and your password. Then choose the specific advertisement from the list under —> My Details —> Ads. Here you can easily edit (pencil icon) or delete (red X) your advertisement. To temporarily deactivate an ad, please click on the status online and choose the option "Temporarily deactivate advertisement" and confirm your action by clicking the "Save" button. 

How long will my advertisement be online on

There is no fixed term – you can determine the duration of your advertisement by yourself. However, we will remind you to keep your ads up to date and periodically check the actuality. If we don't receive a feedback from you or if you don't extend the duration of your advertisement manually, we assume that it is not up to date anymore and we deactivate the ad temporarily. You can reactivate it at any time. 

How do I change my profile data?

Login as usual with your email address or username and your password. You can change all of your company and personal data by clicking on the button —> My Details.  

How do I change my password?

  • When you are logged in
Go to —> My Details —> Personal details and change your password by clicking on the button Set password in the section "Further settings", below your employee portrait.

  • When you are logged out
Click on the button "Login" and choose Forgot password in the login window. Then please enter your username or email address and click on Reset password so you can choose another one. Otherwise send an email to if you need further help.

How do I delete my account?

Login as usual and go to —> My Details —> Personal details. Below your employee portrait you will find the red button Delete account in the section "Further settings". Please be aware that by deleting your account you also delete all your advertisements. There is also no claim for credit or refund if you delete your account before expiry of a booked rate.