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Logistics & transport

Assembly, dismantling & transport: Solving mammoth tasks professionally

Wind turbine logistics: A high-risk challenge

There is a lot at stake in the transport and general logistics of wind turbines: If components such as rotor blades or parts of nacelles are damaged, replacements have to be procured in a costly and cumbersome manner. Such delays jeopardise the timely completion of individual project steps and the completion of the entire wind power project. In the end, it is not only compliance with contracts that can be at stake, but also the reputation, if not the existence, of entire companies.

Experienced partners ensure the smooth running of projects with their expertise

Logistics and transport pose major challenges to all parties involved, both onshore and offshore, and require the commissioning of specialised professionals. Whether it is the construction, dismantling or transport of wind turbines: logistics specialists mobilise their wealth of experience and a wide range of vehicles and cranes to prevent damage to turbine components and transport routes (e.g. bridges) and to ensure the safety of people and materials during all phases.

From special transporters and compact vehicles to tugboats at sea: clients must be able to rely on optimal loading and transport execution. Freight forwarders, crane operators and long-distance drivers play their important role in the entire logistics process. Since all wheels must mesh seamlessly, you should be absolutely sure: Therefore, ask providers from the logistics and transport sector on and compare their offers as well as experiences.

They are a logistical challenge: tower segments, housing parts, hubs, rotor blades or even plant parts and foundations after the dismantling of wind turbines. 

The individual components that make up wind turbines cannot be brought to the planned location or removed after dismantling without heavy transport and special vehicles as well as a lot of experience in logistics and transport.  

If components of wind turbines are imported or exported by sea, or if transport on waterways is a sensible alternative to the overland route, companies from the port management and sea freight sector are also in demand. 

The logistics and transport sector includes:

  • Port management
  • Sea freight companies
  • Heavy transport and special vehicles
  • Crane systems
  • Erection and dismantling of wind turbines
  • Logistics consultants

The erection of a wind turbine requires the use of special crane systems and lifting technology. Only specialised companies are up to these mammoth tasks. Let our providers advise you individually, compare their offers and find the partner that best suits your project!