Certion rental services for special tools

published on 12/02/2019

Certion B.V. in the Netherlands is offering rental services for special tools to dismantle, transport, reinstall and/or repair Vestas wind turbines in the range V27-225kW up to and with V90-3.0MW on a safe and correct manner. Many of the tools are specific OEM designed or manufactured according to.

Certion B.V. Press Release
Certion B.V., based in the Netherlands, is your partner for providing tools and special equipment needed to handle your wind turbines.


  • Lifting tools for single blade lifting operations, complete rotor lifting, hub, nacelle and tower lifting. 
  • Special tools for HV cable dismantling, oil from tower damper drainage system, temporary safety systems etc. 
  • Lifting tools for main component exchanges.
  • Alignment equipment for generator and gearbox alignment and V90-3,0MW rotor to gearbox alignment.
  • Transport frames for sea transport of blades and nacelles.
  • Other tools and special equipment that can be needed for the different activities.
  • More on request

For every wind energy project, it's not only essential to have a great team who works for the best results with maximum energy. Every project engineer needs to be provided with the best equipment he can get for his wind energy task, and that is what Certion stands for. Together we make sure that you'll be able to lift every challenge thanks to our special lifting tools for rotor blades and other parts of your wind turbine. And since we know that not every tool is fitted for every task, you can rent only what you need. Maximum flexibility and nothing more, and no need to purchase what you can't use. Are there any spare parts you are looking for? We can take care of this challenge, too. Trust us with your wind energy project - Certion has the tools you'll need. We support you by land and sea not only with tools, but also with ideas. Because we love thinking along.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities we can provide you.


We love thinking along

Certion B.V. Press Release
By land or by sea: We support you with our rental services.

Certion B.V. Press Release
We provide you with the best facilities for transporting rotor blades.

Certion B.V. Press Release
Our tools provide you with the best lifting abilities.

Certion B.V. Press Release
Trust us with your heavy cargo for your wind turbine.

Certion B.V. Press Release
No idea or part is to complex for you to manage - with our help.

Certion B.V. Press Release
Your team and our equipment: the best crew you can imagine.

Certion B.V. Press Release
What are the specifications of your project? With our rental services, you can take it on.

Source : Certion B.V.