In the first half of 2017, the power of renewable energy sources in Ukraine exceeded 1.46 GW


Vitaliy Daviy CEO IB Centre

Vitaliy Daviy, CEO, IB Centre

As a result of 6 months of 2017, 79 new renewable energy facilities with a total capacity of 182.7 MW were built in Ukraine. Total investments in these projects exceeded € 210 million.

Such data are presented in the analytical report prepared by the IB Centre expert group and are the part of preparation of SEF-2017 KYIV,  the 9th International Forum and Exhibition of the New Energy of Eastern Europe (, which will be held in Kyiv on October 9-11 (the Congress-Exhibition Center "Parkovy").

Thus, as of July 1, 2017, the total power of renewable energy sources in Ukraine, including solar and wind energy, small hydropower and biomass power plants (biogas), amounted to 1461.7 MW.

During the first half of this year, the total power of solar power stations increased by 132 MW (up 23% compared to January 1, 2017) to 705 MW in Ukraine. During this period, 67 new solar power stations have been constructed.

The capacity of the wind farms has increased during the reporting period by 20.7 MW (+ 4.7% from the beginning of the year) to 458.7 MW (data of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, UWEA). This growth was secured in the first half of the year due to the construction of the "Old Sambir 2" wind farm by Eco-Optima Company. However, the commissioning of this facility is scheduled for September 2017.

The capacities of small hydroelectric power stations make up 120 MW as of July 1, 2017 (+2 MW in the first half of the year). The growth of power facilities of biomass generated electricity was also almost 2 MW - up to 33 MW.

According to the experts from IB Centre, by the end of 2017, the Ukrainian and foreign developers are implementing in Ukraine more than 70 new investment projects in the field of renewable energy with a total installed capacity of more than 430 MW.

In particular, in the second half of this year, 57 new large and medium-sized PV plants, as well as several hundred small roofs solar power stations with a total capacity of around 360 MW will be built in Ukraine. So one of the largest market players - KNESS, plans to construct over 10 objects with a capacity of 150 MW during this period.

Tokmak Solar intends to implement 8 projects with a capacity of more than 60 MW. US Solar plans to implement 6 projects with a capacity of 30 MW. Also, Rentechno is going to have more than 30 MW of installed capacity, and Helios Strategia will finish construction of 40 MW. Another significant market player, ATMOSFERA, plans to build over 24 MW, of which 15 MW are roof-top solar power stations. Other companies are planning to build more than 20 new PV plants with a total capacity of 16 MW. Also, by the end of 2017, 800-1000 private roof solar power plants of low capacity (10-30 kW) are expected to be installed.

In the segment of wind energy in the second half of 2017, the growth is expected at a level exceeding 50 MW - up to 510 MW. In particular, Windcraft Ukraine plans to launch 41.4 MW of Novotroitskaya WPP in November (the total fleet capacity will be 70 MW).

The company "Gurish" has started construction of a wind turbine "Ovid 1" with a capacity of 30 MW.

In addition, in August in Mykolaiv region, Fuhrlander Wind Technologies will install the first turbine with a capacity of 3.2 MW.

In the segment of small hydro power, there is expected a slight increase of 0.8 MW, which will be built in the framework of modernization and expansion of existing small hydro power plants. According to IB Center, the largest players in this segment are the company "Aquanium Hydro Resource", "Novosvit", "Energo-Invest".

In the biomass segment, the forecast of capacity growth is 4 MW to 37 MW for the electricity generation and more than 26 MW to 306 MW for the heat generation from biomass.

Thus, according to the results of 2017, the total capacity of renewable energy facilities in Ukraine can reach 1.9 GW, which is more than 4.3% in the overall energy balance.

SEF-2017 KYIV, 9th International Forum and Exhibition of Sustainable Energy of Eastern Europe ( is the main and largest industry event in the region that traditionally gathers together internationally qualified international experts, top managers and owners of companies working in the field. Sustainable energy, investors, government officials.

Being launched in 2009, SEF KYIV was named the Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum REF UA. In 2011, the first Energy Efficiency Conference was held as a part of the forum, and in 2015, the renewable energy and energy efficiency trade show and exhibition of electric vehicles became a part of the event and it was renamed to SEF KYIV.

In 2017, SEF KYIV will last for three days and will feature specialized conferences SEF SOLAR, SEF WIND, SEF BIOENERGY and SEF ESCO. The exhibition will be open to visitors for two days - on October 10th and 11th and will include a series of workshops for small investors and household owners.

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