XERVON Wind announces the successful completion of its 2022 annual service plan for two offshore wind farms


XERVON Wind GmbH, a company specialising in delivering technical services to onshore and offshore wind farms, finished up its annual maintenance work on two wind farms in the North Sea off the German coast in the middle of September. The project, which lasted several months, saw the company inspecting and servicing all of the wind turbines at the Amrumbank West and Nordsee Ost offshore wind farms off the island of Heligoland. With both wind farms being operated by RWE, XERVON Wind collaborated closely with RWE technicians throughout. This was the first major project that XERVON Wind had carried out on behalf of RWE, the no. 2 company in the global offshore wind energy sector.

XERVON Wind serviced both mechanical and electro-technical components at the wind farms. All in all, the company deployed a team of over 60 specialists to complete this particular maintenance project, with some of the engineers carrying out sea-based tasks from a ship and others providing land-based support from the island of Heligoland.

The Amrumbank West offshore wind farm is situated approx. 35km north of Heligoland and has an installed capacity of 302 MW. It comprises 80 wind turbines, all of which have a hub height of ca. 90m above sea level. The Nordsee Ost wind farm is located nearby and consists of 48 wind turbines with an overall installed capacity of 295 MW. These two wind farms and the Kaskasi offshore wind farm, which is currently under construction, belong to the Trident Cluster run by RWE and are among the largest wind energy projects off the German coast.

The servicing work, which had been meticulously planned months in advance, was completed according to plan and according to schedule. Maik Schlapmann, managing director of XERVON Wind, commented: “The successful completion of this offshore annual maintenance project – one that was both extensive and complex – underlines just what a strong set-up we have. Our company was founded just over a year ago and this project clearly shows that XERVON Wind is now firmly established in its market and has left its newcomer status well behind it.”

XERVON Wind’s sister company Rhenus Offshore Logistics was also involved in this maintenance project. This firm specialises in a variety of business activities including transporting components and crews to offshore facilities. Thanks to the close cooperation work within the Group, XERVON Wind is able to offer further logistical services in addition to its own portfolio. Such collaboration creates tangible benefits for the company’s customers – as was the case with the Trident Cluster project where the various annual maintenance tasks at the wind farms were able to be quickly coordinated and carefully dovetailed so that the work could be completed efficiently and smoothly.