Charging at the wind farm


Charging electric cars at wind and solar farms - a method that increases efficiency, reduces costs and actively contributes to environmental protection.

At the heart of the progressive energy movement stands for a simple but revolutionary concept: the direct Connecting green power generators with end users. The Company directcharge from Berlin has taken up this challenge and made it possible for now the direct charging of electric vehicles at wind and solar farms. These innovation, which won first prize at the "Spreewind PitchNight" startup event marks a milestone in the environmentally friendly energy supply.

40% of the usual Electricity purchase costs are eliminated!

What exactly does charging at the wind farm mean? and why does it represent a significant development? The key lies in the Efficiency and sustainability. customers who want to connect their electric vehicles directly to wind or photovoltaic systems, do not draw their electricity from the electricity grid, but directly from renewable sources. This direct Connection not only saves about 40% of the usual electricity purchase costs, but also also reduces the fees and administrative burdens normally associated with connected to the power grid.

Another advantage of this system is the immediate support for the climate. By consumers using their electricity directly from wind or solar installations, they promote the use of renewable energy energies and reduce their CO2 footprint. For many people, this offers not only financial savings, but also the good feeling of being actively involved in the environmental protection and support the local economy.

For the operators of wind and solar farms this model also offers significant advantages. The direct supply of electricity to End user can potentially generate higher revenues than feed-in into the net. This leads to an increase in yields and supports the Cost-effectiveness of renewable energy projects.

Full battery with 5 turns of a wind turbine!

A frequently discussed topic in this The connection is the efficiency of energy production and use. Many ask how many revolutions it takes for a wind turbine to make an electric car Charge. The answer is surprisingly efficient: under optimal conditions about five revolutions or 25 seconds are enough to generate enough energy for a charge. With an output of up to 7200 kWh per hour at optimal wind conditions, this is an impressive example of the Efficiency of renewable energy sources.

directcharge's initiative shows how innovative ideas and entrepreneurial courage to promote sustainable contribute to the future. Charging directly at the wind farm is more than just a technical innovation; it is a symbol of change in the way we generate and use energy. It shows that the future of energy supply is not only green, but also efficient, economical and in line with the needs of the planet.

The development and promotion of such Projects are crucial for the transition to a greener and more environmentally friendly a more sustainable world. By supporting companies like directcharge and the use of technologies that provide direct links between renewable energy sources and end-users, we can work together to take a significant step towards a greener future.