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Slip rings

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Slip rings for wind turbines

Wind turbines are complex systems and slip rings are an extremely important component in models in the multi-megawatt range. In modern systems, a slip ring is used to transmit power, signals and data between nacelle and rotor, while a slip ring is used. These are generally suitable for transmitting electrical power and information between stationary and rotatable components. The most important thing here is that interference-free transmission of the electrical signals and low-wear operation of the contact system is guaranteed. In the case of wind turbines, for example, the position and speed can be determined with a rotary encoder directly on the slip ring, as it rotates synchronously with the motor shaft. This component therefore performs a task that places extremely high demands on the reliability and operational safety of a wind turbine.

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Accordingly, the GL Directive or GL 2010 – the standard work for the design and certification of wind turbines – stipulates that the "recording of the speed must be made available at at least two points by separate systems and at least twice for the operational management and at least once for the safety system". In addition, Annex 2.C of GL 2010 recommends performance level "d" to protect the rotor from exceeding the speed. As an international marketplace for the wind industry, not only offers a wide range of suppliers of wind turbines, but also service providers and suppliers for a wide variety of accessories and components. So if you are looking for slip rings for your turbine, you can contact the offering company directly on our portal - or become a supplier yourself and find an interested party for this or other products in the wind energy sector. brings supply and demand together!