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Wind turbinesSpare partsServices
Date Category Manufacturer Model Quantity Country
27/02/2020 Electrical engineering Enercon E30 1 Italy
13/02/2020 Transmissions and bearings Enercon E40/500 1 Germany
05/02/2020 Electrical engineering Enercon E40 1 Germany
05/02/2020 Electrical engineering Enercon E40 2 Germany
23/01/2020 Height access technology any 1 Hongkong
15/01/2020 Other any 3 Ireland
22/12/2019 Operating materials and lubricants Nordtank NTK150/25 1 Italy
13/12/2019 Rotor blades Gamesa G52/850 1 Spain
11/12/2019 Transmissions and bearings Bonus AN Bonus B54/1000 3
04/12/2019 Slip rings Enercon E40 5.4 1 Germany
30/11/2019 Generators Bonus 1 Ireland
13/11/2019 Rotor blades Vergnet GEV MP 200/32 3 Italy
24/10/2019 Control systems Gamesa G5X 60
20/10/2019 Rotor blades Vestas V16/55 3 Denmark
18/10/2019 Sensors NEG Micon BREVETTATO TER Serie GF4C Rev Ratio 1:100 1 Belarus (White Russia=

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