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Wind turbinesSpare partsServices
Date Category Manufacturer Model Quantity Country
08/11/2017 Control systems Nordex N60/1300 2 France
30/10/2017 Rotor blades Tacke TW-500 3 Czech Republic
16/10/2017 Rotor blades Gamesa G58/850 1 Great Britain and Northern Ireland
16/10/2017 Electrical engineering NEG Micon 64C-1500 (1,5MW) 1 Great Britain and Northern Ireland
17/09/2017 Transmissions and bearings Enercon E40/500 2 Germany
12/09/2017 Transformers any 50 Germany
11/09/2017 Other Siemens BRUSH HOLDER 2-208Z20HDD-K3-43C/41 .... and CARBON BRUSH 20X8X32, F1 9/S13 1 USA
28/08/2017 Other Bonus B33/300 2 Ireland
28/08/2017 Rotor blades Bonus B33/300 6 Ireland
25/08/2017 Other DeWind D4 1 Germany
04/08/2017 Rotor blades Nordtank NTK130/22 1 Poland
04/08/2017 Rotor blades Bonus Bonus 95 / 120 9 Germany
21/06/2017 Other any 5 Germany
19/06/2017 Rotor blades Tacke TW-60 1 Germany
19/06/2017 Other any 1 Germany

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