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WTC - Wind-Turbine-Consulting - With market penetration and technical expertise to the maximum sales proceeds. WTC connects buyers and sellers directly !

We bring the reach and efficiency of a global online marketplace for wind turbines with the experience in sales and consulting of various experts.

This is exactly what Wind Turbine Consulting, or WTC for short, is. We are a joint venture consisting of and experienced consultants from various sub-industries.

You would like to make your own wind energy project or investment and need good used wind turbines for this. Or you own or operate wind turbines for which you are looking for a solvent buyer. Of course, there are conventional and seemingly established ways to do this. But there is always at least one other party in the middle, which can change the buy or sell price to your disadvantage. This serious disadvantage is eliminated for you thanks to the online marketplace, which directly connects you as a buyer with the seller and vice versa.

Our experts:

Thomas Albrecht has been working in the field of renewable energies for over 25 years. One focus of his work is advising on the purchase and sale of renewable energy plants as well as optimisation in the operating phase. He has been able to successfully advise numerous of's customers and ensured that wind turbines have found a new owner. A fair purchase price and the economical operation of the plants were particularly important to him.

Peter Klessascheck has been working in the national and international wind industry for over 25 years. Its core competence encompasses the entire value chain of project management, from the project idea, implementation, operation to the dismantling of wind turbines. As a project manager and manager, he has accompanied projects in more than 20 countries on all continents. He supports the team with competencies in contract management, project management and the profitability analysis of projects, as well as in site evaluation, sale and construction of primary and secondary market facilities.


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