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WTS - Wind-Tuning-Systems GmbH

72766 Reutlingen, Germany


Low-Noise-Serrations of WTS (Wind-Tuning-Systems GmbH) for existing turbines are featured by:

  • 3 - 10 % indirect yield improvement through night operation (of the AEP) depending on wind location and night compensation for existing (installed) turbines from Siemens, Vestas, Senvion, GE, Nordex, Enercon
    in the power range of 1.5 - 3.4 MW

  • Improved neighborhood acceptance due to noise reduction of "silent blade-
    Serrations currently up to 3.3 dB(A) quieter

    (approx. half as loud as without serrations, measured by DNV at the pilot
    turbine ENERCON E82-E2 at 800 m distance wind farm Büttler Ballje)

  • Amortization time (ROI) usually in 1 - 2 years

  • Retrofitting possible for already existing turbines
  • Improved and very durable mounting of the serrations
  • No night shutdown or higher night power level and therefore improved AEP


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