Suche/searching 4 x Vestas V80/90 2MW für/for Q3, Q4 2021


with location

Looking for 4 x Vestas V80/90 2MW for Q3, Q4 2021 with tower of 80 meters minimum for a project in central Italy. The turbines have to be dismantelled and ready for transportation. 

Please provide all necessary information regarding hours in service, kWh produced, installation date, problems occured, service contract with Vestas, and pictures, ecc.   

Looking for prices well under 325k per turbine, otherwise the project is not feasible.

Overview of data

General data
Manufacturer Vestas
Model V90/2000
Number 4
with location No
Land Italy
Rated power 1800 - 2500 Kw
Tower height 80 - 100 m
Rotor diameter 80 - 100 m
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