2x2500 kW

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    Requested wind turbines

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  • suitable for offshore operation

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We are a project developer, and we are looking for 2 complete turbines 2500 kW for one of our projects located in Spain.

If you have such for sale, please provide us with information about:

1. Technical status of the turbines, including:

      - information about main components (gearbox, blades, transformer, inverter etc.),

      - maintenance history, including replacement of main components and the date of each replacement,

      - hours worked and foreseen lifespan hours,

2. Power curves data, preferably in a form of tables, in order to perform performance analysis,

3. Availability date,

4. Location of your turbines in order to calculate transport costs,

5. Prices,

6. Any other information that could be relevant.


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