Wind turbines searched for expiring EEG

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    Requested wind turbines

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    150 - 2000 kW

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Expiring EEG wind turbines of all manufacturers with location in DE wanted

+ Fair prices
+ Fast processing
+ You will receive a lucrative offer
+ discrete processing

Our main concern is to continue to operate existing wind turbines, i.e. to maintain their original form and functionality.

We take on the risks and continue to operate the plant according to the EEG.
If you are considering selling your wind turbine/ wind farm or need further information, it is best to contact us directly.


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Date Manufacturer Model Quantity Budget Country
17/01/2021 Vestas V52/850 1 Türkei
17/01/2021 GE Energy 1.5s 1 Türkei
16/01/2021 NEG Micon 65 kw 1 EU
16/01/2021 Enercon E48/800 1
15/01/2021 NEG Micon M1500-750 1 Kanada
14/01/2021 Senvion MM100 / 3.4M 122 2 Deutschland
14/01/2021 Vestas V47/660 1 Großbritannien und Nordirland
14/01/2021 Enercon E16/55 1 Deutschland