Search at least 3 Vestas V-90 plants including location in Germany

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    Requested wind turbines

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  • suitable for offshore operation

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    from 2000 kW

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We as Alterric are looking for Vestas V-90 systems including location in Germany.

If you are the owner of a V-90, we would be very pleased if you contact us!

Further information can then also be exchanged in a telephone call. 

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Date Manufacturer Model Quantity Budget Country
26/09/2022 Vestas 1000 Südafrika
23/09/2022 Vestas V42/600 1 Portugal
21/09/2022 Vestas V80/2000 3 Iran
21/09/2022 Vestas V52/850 1 Irland
19/09/2022 Vestas V27/225 oder 270 1 Belgien
16/09/2022 Vestas V-44 1 Estland (Reval)
11/09/2022 Vestas V44/600 4 Irak
09/09/2022 Vestas V90-3.0 MW 1 Deutschland