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A N29/250 wind turbine of the manufacturer Nordex is requested. This small wind turbine N29/250 has a performance of 250 kW With a rotor diameter of 29 m is belongs to the smaller wind turbines. This well known manufacturer Nordex disposes over an wide product range of 29 different models.

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29/01/2021 Nordex N29/250 1 Indien
12/10/2020 Nordex N29/250 1 Deutschland
02/10/2020 Nordex N29/250 1 Frankreich
10/06/2019 Nordex N29/250 1 Deutschland
27/02/2019 Nordex N29/250 1 Polen
14/02/2018 Nordex N29/250 1 Italien
09/11/2016 Nordex N29/250 1 Belarus (Weißrussland)
01/06/2015 Nordex N29/250 1 Moldawien

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