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    Requested wind turbines

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    Republica Plurinacional de "BOLIVIA"-, Venezuela

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Hello good day, I head to the entire group of companies manufacturers of wind energy systems.

We are a comprehensive set of advisors, we link the needs of the development on the different projects of the Government of Bolivia with companies that can meet different requirements (works).

At the moment we are in the search of companies that can build a wind farm.

Those companies that accept said invitation, under the figure of direct award, please send: company profile, descriptive report synthesizing the experience of the company in the Area that are applying, append the costs of each of the works and a summary of the scope of its proposal "key in hand", and finally the letter of intent to "LOI".

Hoping to find an ally in this area as we have found it in other Areas, I say, waiting for a prompt and pleasant response very carefully.

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