Searching for 1x Vestas V52/850 wind turbine

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    Requested wind turbines

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Quantity

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Location
    Tralee, Ireland

  • Power range
    from 850 kW

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I am looking for 1x Vestas V52/850 wind turbine. Please send me an offer and the corresponding information about the turbine.

The following information would be interesting:

  • Age of the turbine
  • Performance on location
  • Location of the turbine
  • Which company was responsible for service and maintenance?


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Date Manufacturer Model Quantity Budget Country
06/03/2019 Vestas V52/850 2 Russische Föderation
15/02/2019 Vestas V52/850 2 Großbritannien und Nordirland
01/02/2019 Vestas V52/850 1
30/01/2019 Vestas V52/850 2 Dänemark
22/01/2019 Vestas V52/850 1 Irland
19/01/2019 Vestas V52/850 1 Polen
14/01/2019 Vestas V52/850 1
06/09/2018 Vestas V52/850 1 Dänemark

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