Small WTG (200kW to 400kW), required new or used

  • Category
    Requested wind turbines

  • Quantity

  • Price
    on request

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Location
    Tallinn, Estonia (Reval)

  • Power range
    200 - 400 kW

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A small wind turbine is required for installation in Estonia. The Spatial Planning and the grid connection capacity set the following parameters for the WTG:

1. Tip height (from the ground) 50 meters

2. Nameplate capacity of the WTG- up to 400 kW.

Installation is planned before May 2018. Offers of both used and new wind turbines will be considered. In case of used turbines, fully refurbished WTGs, including the upgrading of operating software will be preferred.

Please send a quotation, including the following:

1. Technical parameters of the WTG.

2. Power curve

3. Price and delivery terms 


Questions are welcome.

Kind regards

Randar Tamm

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