Search Enercon E-40 / 500 kW

  • Category
    Requested wind turbines

  • Manufacturer

  • Model
    E-40 / 500 kW

  • Quantity

  • Asking price
    on request.

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Location
    D-48249 Dülmen, Germany

  • Power range
    500 - 500 kW

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We are looking for by now a used Enercon E-40 / 500 kW (old design).

Year 2002-2003.

Is there planned many years the plant to run, she should be in good condition.

and demonstrate complete maintenance books.

The system is intended mainly for domestic consumption.

Due to their maximum height at the planned site

the Tower must be adapted may be on our part.

With your offer and description of the plant maintenance book with photos

We also ask to send drawings and calculation proofs of the tower.

Thank you in advance for your timely offer

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