Backbuilder and recycling company wanted: 1 x Enercon E 40 (Hessen)

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    Rückbau WKA

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    90,00 €

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    not specified

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Backbuilder & recycling company wanted for an Enercon E40. Operator from Hessen does not rule out the sale of the plant and is also pleased about the offer to buy the plant.

Number of installations: 1

Type of wind turbines: Enercon E-40

Location: Hessen

Built: 1996

Date approx. planned: beginning of 2021

What tasks are to be done:

Dismantling and disposal/recycling (the WEA and) of the foundation. With proof of disposal or recycling.

Original enquiry of the interested party

Abbau und Entsorgung/Recycling (der WEA und) des Fundamentes. Mit Entsorgungs- bzw. Recyclingsnachweis.
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