Dismantling 2 x Fuhrländer FL 100 (Rhineland-Palatinate) March 22

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Operator of 2 x Fuhrländer FL 100 is looking for dismantling companies and asks for contact regarding the offer.

Here are the details:

Fuhrländer FL 100

Number of attachments: 2

Year of construction: 1993

Hub height: 34 m

Weight: 30 t



Planned date for dismantling: March 2022

What tasks need to be done?

1 wind turbine complete dismantling incl. foundation and backfilling of the foundation pit 1 wind turbine dismantling nacelle and rotor (tower remains as a radio tower)

Original enquiry of the interested party

1 WEA Komplett-Rückbau inkl. Fundament und Verfüllen der Fundamentgrube 1 WEA Rückbau Gondel und Rotor (Turm bleibt als Funkturm stehen)
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