Lucky Wind Turbines, 22 MW (11 Units at 2 MW Per Unit) - Towers are NOT Included

  • Quantity

  • incl. location

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Availability
    from 12/2018

  • Location
    Houston, USA

  • Rated power
    22000 kW

  • Condition

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11 Turbines & Components Including (Towers NOT Included):

• Nacelle (11 Units /// 77 Pieces)

o 1 Piece Nacelles

o 1 Piece Air Conduit

o 2 Pieces Mast

o 2 Pieces Nacelle Parts in Boxes

o 1 Piece Control Cable & LED Lamp

• Blades (33 Units)

• Hub (11 Units / 22 Pieces)

o 1 Piece Hub

o 1 Piece Hub Parts in Boxes

• Spinner for Hub (11 Units)

• Inverter (11 Units // 55 Pieces)

o 3 Pieces Invert Parts in Boxes

o 2 Drums Coolant

Origin: China, Capacity: 2 MW per unit//22 MW Total

The turbines have been in storage since 2011, and the storage facility is foreclosing a security interest as a result of non-payment of storage fees.

The turbines are in bonded storage and import duties may be owed to the US Government before the turbines can be removed. An additional fee owed the government is the Harbor Maintenance Fee which is owed whether the turbines remain in the US or are exported. We encourage any interested parties to engage a customs broker to get an accurate assessment of these fees. 

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