8x NEG Micon NM44/750 for sale


Available from
April 2023
with location

I want to sell my wind farm

I list some peculiarities of the park:


- The wind turbines have a height of 35 meters at the hub with a rotation diameter of the blades of 38 meters;

- The wind turbines (we speak of NEG turbines MICON NM 44-750) were originally designed for an output of 750 kW/h at 1600 rpm with two electric generators. The reduction of power to 60 kW/h at 850 rpm enables very long maintenance intervals More content, effectively extending the life of the machines. As proof of what has been said, proper maintenance for Each wind turbine is carried out no more than once every 6 or 7 months.

- The wind turbines have access to the nacelle via an internal staircase, so that simple intervention is possible at any time.

- Since the start of production, further investments have been made in the quality of the components, making the wind turbines almost autonomous and thus reducing labor costs.

- The transmission oil change has already been carried out, which must be carried out every 6 years;

- the first tightening has been carried out, concluded between February and March of this year;

- The parameters of the inverter have been optimized to produce an average power of 60 kW/h, limiting voltage and production peaks, even at wind speeds of more than 15.0 m/s.

- Electrical controls have been implemented of lubricators to have a continuous lubrication and thus to extend it the lifetime of the components themselves;

- Software has been purchased that allows you to remotely operate 90% of the interventions, including automatic reset of electronic systems, change of parameters and inverter.

- The wind turbines, which have a much larger rotation diameter than the commercial ones, are able to produce from 3.0 m / s compared to the 5 m / s of the standard turbines, thereby increasing the total production.

- Our business is already in its fifth Year of certified production, in which approximately 260,000 have already been recorded €/year of invoicing;


It represents itself also that the author makes himself available for a period to be agreed in order to: Offer assistance to the buyer by providing the experience gained in managing the park.

Overview of data

General data
Manufacturer NEG Micon
Model NM44/750
Number 8
Available from April 2023
with location Yes
Place Agrigento
Land Italy
Condition Used
Year of construction 2017
Rated power 480 Kw
Annual yield 980000 Kwh
Tower height 37 m
Weight 70000 medical history
Tower design Tubular steel tower

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