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10x Shandong Swiss Electric YZ150/10 for sale


with location
33.799,00 €

We offer a small wind turbine model HW 11.0 with a power of 10 KW as a complete set.

The free-standing mast has a height of 11.5 meters, the rotor diameter is 7.70 meters, so that the turbine has a total height of about 15 meters.

The system can also be supplied with a hydraulic mast at an additional cost. This is suitable for installation in places where access with heavy equipment such as cranes etc. is not possible.

With this system, you have the opportunity to become a great deal less dependent on conventional, mostly fossil energy. Not only do you save money, but you also make a big contribution to environmental protection.

For medium-sized buildings or agriculture etc there is even the possibility to be completely self-sufficient through this system. This means that they use it to supply electricity and heating in equal measure.

From then on, you will only know your former and overpriced energy provider from hearsay.

The CO² emissions of such a system go up to 0%.

Here we describe the components that are part of the scope of the delivery:

1. The above set offer "HW 11.0 - 10kW Off-Grid ( own use ) Wind Turbine System including 11.5m Freestanding Tower" contains the following parts:

2.1 Generator system: includes generator, rotor blades, 50m power cable, nacelle, anemometer, power supply box

2.2 Controllers for monitoring and controlling the system

2.3 Off-grid rectifier and dump controller

2.4 Off-Grid Three Phase AC220V50Hz Inverter

2.5 11.5 m free-standing tower or optional hydraulic

2.6 Without or with battery as temporary storage

2.7 - 7.70 meter rotor diameter / 3 blade rotor GRP

2.8 Start-up speed from 3 m/s

2.9 electromagnetic brake / hydraulic optional

3.0 Generator weight 285 Kg Incl warranty 2 years on the generator

It is also possible to purchase a battery bank with 20 x 12 V 250 Ah to store the electricity. Please inquire about prices for this separately.

In order to significantly reduce heating costs, it is recommended to add a 3 KW heating element to the hot water tank. Excess electricity is then introduced there and heats your heating water, so that up to a certain temperature your heating will not even start.

Income calculation as an example for good wind yield locations such as the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony:

- Average wind speed = 5 m/s

- Total height 15 meters

- Annual yield at approx. 7500 operating hours x 10 KW nominal power x 0.3 capacity factor = 22500 kw/h annual yield

At a current electricity price of 32 cents per kw/h of electricity, you produce electricity worth €7,200 per year or €600 per month.

Due to the high demand, there are currently delivery times for these and other systems. Please inquire about the current delivery time in advance. Shipping is possible throughout Germany by freight forwarder.

The system can also be combined with our 10 KW PV solar system.

Overview of data

General data
Manufacturer Shandong Swiss Electric
Model YZ150/10
Number 10
with location No
Place Bremerhaven
Land Germany
Price 33.799,00 €
Price negotiable No
Condition New
Year of construction 2024
Rated power 300 Kw
Annual yield 22500 Kwh
Tower height 11 m
Rotor diameter 8 m
Tower design Tubular steel tower

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